1.Ryan Gothrup's glass displayed at the School 30 gallery during the First Friday Tour

2.Murano glass

3.Designed by Sergio Redegalli this sculpture has 500 precision cut pieces of 6mm clear glass glued to the shape of a cascading wave.

4.Glass sculpture at the Atlantis Casino

5.World's Largest Glass Sculpture. 18' high, cut from 8 1-ton panels of glass. Assembled on a granite base. Stainless steel edges

6.A blown glass sculpture at botanical gardens in St. Louis.

7.8.Vaz's Cold Glass Sculpture

8.An unusual glass sculpture is set against a cloudy sky in the Mexican style shopping village called Tlaquepaque, along the Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona

9.Beautiful Glass Sculpture

10.This is a pretty straight shot of a glass sculpture by Desiree Hope a graduate exhibiting at this years New Designer show in London.