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10 Of The Most Coolest Bookends

1.Anubius Guards Bookends

2.Alien VS Predator Bookends

3.City Sticklers Bookends

4.Fish Tank Bookends

5.Pinocchio Bookends

6.Men Pushing Bookends

7.Reading Sophisticates Bookends

8.Star Wars Bookends

9.Vintage Books Bookends

10.Voltron Bookends

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15 of the World's Strangest Flags

1.Central African Republic

2.Antwerp (Belgium)







9.Lombardy (Italy)

10.Isle Of Man

11.Northern Marianas Islands




15. Central African Republic

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Capsule Hotels in Japan

Here’s a good example of culture differences. In Japan, it is something common to have such capsule hotels. It is made for businessmen in the first place, who don’t have time to go home and start working very early. Or for people who didn’t catch the last train. Their well developed train system shuts down around midnight. So, here you go, little boxes where you can only be in a lying position. There’s even a small TV set at your feet.

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Amazing Creativity Shown Using Egg Shells

Tiny hole is done first, through it entire contents is moved away (with the aid of the syringe or the special hook). Egg washes in then special solution from within in order to exclude drying egg remainders and unpleasant smells. This solution is extruded in by internal the cavity of egg also with the aid of the syringe. After drying it is possible to approach the creative stage of process, for which you will be required machine with the attached magnifier (indeed work miniature), drill, scalpel and needle. At first the work above one egg it will occupy entire hours. In order to crowd hand, make preliminarily figures on the tracing paper, glue round by it egg, and then already cut out.

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